Luminous Abstraction

I’m still sick – what a bummer. I hate being ill. It’s really no fun; after you’ve layed in bed for one whole day your ass starts to hurt along with all the other parts that hurt due to the illness, there’s nothing good on TV, you can’t really sleep anymore and all you really want to do is something fun. I can’t stop coughing and my throat still feels a bit like I swallowed a flaming bag of broken glass. (No good)

Anyway, I managed to get outside to my garden to see if there are any new flowers. I found a bunch of ripe red and yellow peppers, some new morning glories and several hibiscus blossoms. All in all I ended up back on my couch looking at my rubber plant and its beautiful glow. So, here’s another picture of my rubber plant, the one that started this whole project. This time the image is much more about the whole composition than it is about the actual plant. It’s really about the light.

© 2008 by Jenn Lassa, all rights reserved.


~ by Foto del dia on September 5, 2008.

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