Giant metal bird sculptures

I was driving to meet a friend for breakfast when I nearly crashed trying to look at these enormous bird sculptures made out of scrap metal. I successfully pulled my car into a parking spot and grabbed the camera. I’m really impressed by these and can’t believe I hadn’t seen them sooner. After further research I discovered the artist is Tom Every, who likes to refer to himself as Dr. Evermor. If you are so inclined to photograph them for yourself, or just stand under these massive (kinda freaky) birds they are located at 211 S. Paterson in Madison, WI. (Just off of East Washington)

Here’s a less exciting autumn view of both birds: (I really wanted to line up the trees with their bodies to look like feathers… I got one of them.)

Also if you LOVE breakfast you must eat at Lazy Jane’s Restaurant at 1358 Williamson St. (Willy Street). I had the best brunch EVER… and I know my brunch. The Artichoke Heart Scrambler was on Special so if it’s available again – GET IT! I may have to drive all the way from Chicago next weekend for it. It’s really that good! Enjoy!

© 2008 by Jenn Lassa, all rights reserved.


~ by Foto del dia on October 12, 2008.

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