My “Foto Del Dia” project began on March 13, 2008. I decided to start this project as a excuse to take more pictures and hopefully be inspired by the things I see around me everyday. Although I will try to post at least one photo daily, be aware that this may not be the reality. If I am without internet, oh say in Africa, then I will post images when I return home. The time frame for this project will be at least one year. If I am able to continue the project longer and it gets me an appearance on Oprah, then it will last longer! For now, tune in daily to see where this project takes me! Hopefully all of my photographs will be amazing or at least a brilliant record of my journey. Wish me luck and Enjoy!!!

My life is a balance of country vs. city and this continuously influences my artwork. As I enjoy the perks of being in a thriving urban area, I also maintain my country roots by gardening, landscaping, playing the banjo, strolling in the park, traveling, bicycling and regularly photographing my flora. Have a brilliant day!


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  1. You’re country and you live in chicago now? Where were you when i lived in logan square?, lol. Country girl w/o the Chicago BS?!!!!

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