Spring Blossoms

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The flowers of the dwarf fothergilia. Yeah, spring!

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Go Humans Go

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Holy Moly! Foto del dia is exactly ONE YEAR OLD today! I sincerely apologize for my tardy posts. I promise to have the entire year updated by posting the images from my last two weeks by tomorrow. (For those of you regulars!) I was in Puerto Rico and have also been working too many double shifts to pay my vacation debt. Stay tuned… for a few beautiful travel photos!

This crazy billboard is near my office on Milwaukee Ave. just south of Chicago Ave. I don’t know if this is the new oatmeal slogan… Maybe the Quaker is a robot?

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This fantastic poster or what remains of it, is pasted on a doorway near my office. I drive by it a lot and finally got the photo. I think I have photographed other work by the artist that created this. I love the style.

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Flower and Garden Show

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The Flower and Garden Show at Navy Pier – our Rooftop display. I worked the booth all afternoon and managed to snap a few photos while chatting with inquisitive passersby. I also learned a few new things about plants and how to install and build amazing concrete counter-tops and seal them with a soy-based stain. Our garden has many “green” ideas, with solar energy and cisterns for collection rain water.

A closer look at the fancy Tribú chairs and some of our annuals/houseplants. Purple STOCK, asparagus fern, pink cyclamen, Echivaria or “Hen and Chicks”.
Go GREEN: Use soy based paints, stains and sealers. They have low VOCs – volatile organic compound – which the EPA defines as an organic compound that participates in a photoreaction. In any case chemical compounds vaporize into the atmosphere and many of them are pollutants and have negative effects on the ozone and our air quality. Soy based paints are supposed to have less of these toxic chemicals…

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Flower and Garden Show

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Here’s an image from the Flower and Garden Show. The water feature, trees in Ipe planter boxes and a white outdoor furniture.

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Atlantic Beach Hotel – Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico on a budget… This hotel rules if you don’t need a fancy suite. Small rooms literally on the ocean, outdoor bar open at 11am, no bugs, clean sheets and towels everyday – what more do you need? On our last day Sal and I soaked up a few last minute rays of sunshine before heading to the airport. I particularly like the sunshine and warmth of this photo and the shadows on the sand. I can still hear the crashing waves and feel the sun baking my pale flesh. So wonderful.

The staff at Atlantic Beach Hotel were all brilliant; so friendly, helpful, courteous. They patrol the front desk 24/7 and we felt very secure. It is fairly well know as the “gay” hotel so if you don’t mind a bunch of half to mostly naked gay men on the beach outside, book your room now! I loved it even though they no longer have a continental breakfast or a drag show. (Do not buy the “Let’s Go Puerto Rico” guide book – it’s obseenly outdated.) I would go back here in a second if someone – oh, say a travel guide wanted to send me off – all expenses paid – to do some updated travel research…

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Puerto Rico postcard

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Beach Day. This is the view from the fourth floor stairwell of our hotel. Beautiful! The beach wasn’t actually very crowded; probably because the weather was still a little insane. Winds blowing off the ocean at 15 – 25mph made swimming impossible or potentially life-threatening. At night I was bundled in my Chicago hat and scarf sitting at our little bar – freezing – not at all what I fantasized about before leaving Chicago. I’ve learned that traveling in March – anywhere – is a bad idea.

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